Terms Of Service

  1. This agreement is between kalo on the one hand and kalo cloud system customer on the other.
  2. By completing the registration form on the Site, the Customer agrees to read the terms of this Agreement in its entirety and to accept all of its terms by checking the "I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy" option. Be. If the customer does not check the option, he will not be allowed to register and use the cloud services of the website. Therefore, using the cloud services of the website constitutes agreement with this agreement.
  3. The legal or real collections on which the Customer completes the kalo Cloud Membership forms also accept the Terms and Conditions of Use of the System as well as the Privacy Policy, and the Customer is authorized by them. Or has the authority to do so. This means that kalo is not responsible for any further problems that may arise in this regard, and the owner of the e-mail registered on kalo's servers and the profile of the account creator will determine its status.
  4. The customer, users and customer representatives are responsible for protecting the security of their account. These people are required to choose a password that has the necessary security and can not be guessed by others. Users are also required to change their password at appropriate times. In addition, if they feel that their password has been made available to others, they should change it immediately, otherwise all the consequences of this negligence will be the responsibility of the users and kalo is responsible for this. It will not be special.
  5. If for any reason it is not possible to access the registered email and phone number, kalo will not change the password under any circumstances and will not send it to a third party. Therefore, if the password is lost, it is possible to recover the password only by accessing the registered email or phone number, and if the registered email and phone number are not available, kalo will not change or send the password under any circumstances.
  6. kalo will not be liable for the disclosure of customer information if the source is the customer's failure to maintain their account security. The kalo system administrator is responsible for detecting this. The system administrator will be able to check and diagnose this by referring to the logs and security reports in his panel.
  7. kalo is committed to providing the highest level of reliability for access to its cloud services. In cases where the service needs to be discontinued, the company undertakes to inform the customer at least 12 hours in advance.
  8. kalo will not be responsible for leaking customer information if it is the source of hacking attacks. Of course, kalo uses all his efforts and resources to counter and prevent these attacks.
  9. kalo vows to keep its servers on for a year whenever it can no longer operate, and customers will be able to access their information.
  10. Trial businesses will be automatically removed from the system if they are not charged and renewed after 30 days from their expiration date.
  11. Providing support services by email and phone call is free and there is no charge for it. kalo has no obligation to provide support services in person. Support includes answering questions and resolving any problems that may arise for users while using the system. Adding new features to the software and training users are not covered by support services.
  12. The user account is provided to the customer, agents and users in order to perform processes related to the subject of the website software. Any attempt to hack the system, reverse engineer, copy, or attempt in any way to compromise the security and performance of the service or other aspects of the related service will be prosecuted, resulting in the deletion of the account and no The amount will not be refunded to the customer and it is possible to pursue legal action to secure the lost rights for kalo. The kalo system system administrator is responsible for diagnosing this issue.
  13. kalo communicates with these people through the email and mobile address entered in the customer, agent or user account. All announcements and announcements will be announced to people through this e-mail and mobile address. The above-mentioned persons are obliged to enter a valid e-mail address during registration and, if necessary, remove the website e-mail address from the Spam folder. ) Enable communication. kalo emails are sent from kalo.ir domain. Changes to this agreement will also be notified to the customer via email.
  14. The customer must comply with all the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the "Law of Electronic Commerce", "Law of Computer Crimes" and "Law of Protection of Rights of Computer Software Creators" and any liability arising from non-compliance with these laws by the account holder and Or other users are the responsibility of the customer and kalo will not be responsible for this.
  15. In case of termination / termination / cancellation of this agreement, the customer's right to access and use the information will be stopped immediately and while maintaining the customer information for 60 days after termination, it will be provided to the customer upon request and without receiving new fee. After 60 days, customer information is deleted and can not be returned in any way.
  16. kalo brand, trademark, kalo site, services and any texts, images and features of the services are exclusive to kalo development team and all its material and intellectual rights belong to kalo.
  17. Any misuse of kalo's name, kalo website, correspondence by kalo or the use of similar names that raise suspicions of similarity and conformity is prohibited through complaints to the competent legal authorities, cybercrime courts inside or outside the country. From the country as well as informing Internet service providers and clients will be traceable.
  18. Any action by the user that results in damage to the reputation, reputation and assets of kalo will be considered a breach of contract and legal terms. kalo reserves the right to block the user's account and, if necessary, take legal action against the person and claim damages and legal rights.
  19. In order to protect the rights and property of the customer, the following activities are not allowed for the customer and kalo is allowed to block the customer's account immediately and without prior notice and all customer information in order to ensure the security of other users. Archive and cut off customer access to the system. The kalo system administrator is responsible for detecting this. Also in this case, no money will be refunded to the customer:
    1. Copying, selling, providing as an intermediary to a third party or any other commercial use of the software or HTML / CSS / JS files or visual designs of elements contained in the software or website or any part in them. Also, the customer should not allow this use to other third parties by providing their account.
    2. Any reverse engineering on software and services beyond the scope of the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    3. Use of the software, services provided, the site or any component thereof in a manner that infringes intellectual property rights.
    4. Transmission of any software worms or viruses or any malicious software code while using the Website.
    5. Any software or website hacking.
    6. Simulate kalo brands, kalo brand, Kulu site, services and any texts and images and kalo services features.
    7. Any activity contrary to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  20. All information recorded by customer users while using the service on the website belongs to the same customer and kalo has no ownership over this information. The customer is solely responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity, legality, reliability, appropriateness and proper use of his data and kalo is not responsible for the deletion, correction, damage, breakdown or difficulty in storing the correct data. No customer side.
  21. kalo respects the trade secrets and intellectual property rights of customers regarding the information and communications uploaded and recorded in the program, and takes preventive actions to protect the confidentiality of this information.
  22. Customer information is confidential and is not disclosed to any natural or legal third party, except by order of the competent judicial authorities.
  23. The clauses related to the confidentiality of customer information are considered permanent. (Even after the termination of this agreement).
  24. If there is a problem with the invoice, the customer can announce the order for consideration within 30 days by email (info@kalo.ir) or by official letter.
  25. kalo is not liable for any indirect or direct losses of the Customer in respect of profit, reputation, information or other intangible losses resulting from the use of the Website Services.
  26. To close the account, it is necessary for the customer to announce the relevant request via email to info@kalo.ir.
  27. After closing or terminating the account at the request of the customer, all content and customer information will be deleted after 60 days. This information cannot be returned after this step.
  28. In case of non-compliance with all or part of the terms of this agreement by the customer or if it is found that the customer has declared his identity or contact information incorrect or has not notified kalo of any change, kalo has the right to block the account. The customer has without prior notice. In this case, no money will be refunded to the customer.
  29. kalo is not responsible for any problems that arise in providing the service due to problems with the Internet or other electronic communication platforms.
  30. In the event of any unforeseen occurrence and other factors beyond the control of kalo, such as strike, general disturbance, lightning, fire, flood or earthquake or incident in the environment and the like, in such a way as to fulfill the obligations and services of this agreement for kalo makes it impossible or encounters problems, kalo is not responsible for non-fulfillment of obligations and the customer deprives him of the right to make any claim against kalo. However, in the event of such cases, kalo will try to reduce the effects of these cases.
  31. Some of kalo's services are provided in partnership with the services of other companies over which kalo has no control. In such cases, users acknowledge that these services have their own terms of use and regulations and that kalo is not responsible for them.
  32. kalo continuously develops and improves its services. Because of this, over time, features are added to services and software, and the corresponding features are changed, replaced, or removed.
  33. The prices announced on the site are up to date and kalo can change the software usage tariffs if necessary. The costs of continuing to use the system are calculated based on the new amounts announced on the site. Obviously, the tariff change does not apply to services that the customer has purchased before the tariff change.
  34. kalo reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions set forth in this document and the price of the services provided.
  35. The latest version of this agreement is always available at https://kalo.ir/TermsAndConditionsEn.
  36. Any tolerance of kalo in pursuing and enforcing his rights in this agreement does not mean waiving these rights and there is always an opportunity for kalo to pursue this.
  37. The terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement shall prevail over any prior agreement between kalo and the Customer.